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—Is it safe to travel to Georgia?

Yes. Georgia is a safe country and in fact rates higher in the Gallup Law and Oder report than the Unites States.

Crime rate is one of the lowest in Europe.

Tourist numbers are climbing fast, with nearly nine million foreigners visited Georgia in 2019.

You may have heard about desagreements with Russia, travel advisories affect disputed territories, but please note that we will neither cross into nor travel near.

—What is the currency?

The Georgian Lari is the national currency. You can expect roughly 2-3 to 1 exchange rate with the US Dollar and 3 to 1 with Euro.

—How should I dress?

Georgia is very western with respect to dress, so you don’t have to make any special considerations when visiting other than dressing for the weather. But there is a Dress Code in the Churches:

Woman – a head scarf or hoodie, beanie, cap…

Dress is required but if lady is wearing shorts or trousers there is a basket in the entrances and you can use wrap-around dress from that basket.

Man – no hat, cap, hoodie are allowed when entering into the church. Trousers are allowed but in case of shorts – use wrap-around dress which you can find in the basket.

—What kind of adapters will I need?

Georgian power sockets are type C and F, which are standard euro round prong plugs.

— How’s the Internet?

Georgia is very well wired and many cafes and museums have free WIFI if you ask the password, but you can always buy Georgian SIM card, best one is Magti – calling within Georgia and 30 minutes of international calls are included, valid for 14 days:

3GB data = GEL 30 (USD 11)

7GB data = GEL 40 (USD 15)

10GB data = GEL 50 (USD 19)

35 GB data = GEL 90 (USD 34)

Unlimited internet = GEL 180 (USD 69)

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