Blue Tour



Arrival at Tbilisi International Airport (Airport designation TBS)

Meet with the local Tourist Guide and have a toast with Georgian wine – Gaumarjos!

Transfer to the hotel

Signature Tour in Tbilisi

Visit Georgian National Museum

Overnight in Tbilisi



Perfect imperfection—this is Tbilisi.

The city of diversity is where the old meets the new, and Europe co-exists harmoniously with Asia. Explore Old Town with its narrow streets, and old houses with colorfully ornamented wooden balconies, enjoy the waterfor in Leghvtakhevi (I know it’s tought to pronounce), find yourself right in the heart of Old Tbilisi Abanotubani, the famous quarter of sulfur bath, touch the history and secrets of the inhabitants of ancient city, observe the colorful personality of it, enjoy panoramic views over the city and taste the best of what the city offers.

So, welcome! We are excited to lead you on this wonderful adventure!


Departure for Batumi, Adjara.

On the way from Tbilisi to Batumi, we will take advantage of stopping over in the city of Mtskheta, which has been Georgia’s spiritual heart since Christianity was established in the 4th century AD.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is a beautiful example of the Golden Age of Georgian church architecture (XI century).

Jvari Church is a rare example of an early Medieval Georgian church that survived to the present day almost unchanged, with spectacular views over Mtskheta and the confluence of two rivers.

The second city advantage is Kutaisi, the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city, the cradle of ancient civilization. Take a walking tour of this charming city.

Gelati Monastery, a medieval monastic complex, served as an educational center for centuries.

Overnight in Batumi.


Charismatic city with charming “Belle Epoque” architecture and modern structural expressionism, fronted by the calm waters of the Black Sea and subtropical climate.

Georgian wine tasting – taste 8000-year-old vintage.

On the way to Merisi village.

Overnight in Merisi village.


Experience Slow Tourism in Merisi village with the family of Turmanudze. Georgian family is welcoming our guests (and we are treating our guests like family) in their own house. Mr. and Mrs. Turmanudze are waiting for you to be a part of their family.

A beautiful example of Georgian hospitality—this is what we can tell about them. Manana’s food and masterclasses are just things to do in Merisi village. She’s a great cook, with special meals that could be found only in the Adjara region.

So be ready to put your apron on and get ready for the big adventure of Georgian gastronomy.

You will cook, drink, enjoy, play ancient games, hike, talk with locals, ask, listen, smile, eat, pray, I love…


Welcome to the Museum of Claude Monet! This time not in Paris but in Gomi Mountain, Georgia, where you can see the feast of beyond sunrises and sunsets.

This is the place where you can feel real impressionism with its countless color palettes. Rainbow doesn’t have seven colors but one million – you will eyewitness.

Such beauty can’t be expressed either by camera or by words; you should see that masterpiece of nature with your own eyes.

Get a unique experience meditating in front of the waves of the clouds.

Overnight in Mtispiri.


Mtispiri is the perfect place for intervening opportunities; its small village with its ancient fortification wall and castle will take you to the past.

Another welcoming families are cooking dinner for you! They are preparing for foreign guests according to Georgian hospitality. They are having their own stories to tell, listen to them and make an unforgettable impression for you!

We chose Mtispiri as the best intermediate spot to relax and get ready for a wonderful adventure!

Overnight in Mtispiri.


Breathtaking wild and mysterious, Svaneti is an ancient landlocked in the Caucasus: The landscape of high snow-peaks, awarded by the highest peak of Georgia – Skhara (5,193 meter/17,037 feet) forested hills, spectacular villages, and medieval watchtowers (Koshki).

There is something about the region that makes you feel as if time has stood still. The people of Svaneti are having their own language and traditions, architectural style, and customs, apart of every people of Georgia.

Local folk singer Sister’s house is always open for you!

Taste traditional cuisine, sing Svanetian folk songs performed by the traditional musical instrument Chuniri, listen to folk song “Lile” live, participate in the singing workshop, visit the museum of the region, hike easily, listen and tell legends and tales around the campfire, feel four elements deeply: earth, water, air, and fire!


“Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation.” -Leo Tolstoy.

Gala Dinner

Overnight in Tbilisi

Transfer to Airport

Fees: EUR 3,400 Per Person (2% of profits go to charity, helping disabled senior members of the community of our villages)


What’s included:

-Airport transfers

-12 nights accommodation

-breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with Georgian wine/beer). In case of special meals please let us know in advance

-Air-conditioned primary transportation with a professional driver

-English speaking, certified Peace Ambassador AKA Tourist Guide service (language choices: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian; please inform us of mentioned language need ahead)

-Museum entrances

-Bottle of water and snacks

What’s not included:


Extra food/drink


-Personal services