Experience Slow Tourism in Merisi village

Merisi – Adjara region

Merisi is located in the mountainous Adjara and is one of the picturesque villages in the Keda area at an altitude of 700m with stunning panoramic views. Our village is Garetke (Outer Forest) which is 9 kilometers away from the center of Merisi with spectacular views overlooking the mountainous valley of Adjara.

Our host family – Mr. and Mrs. Turmanidze are waiting for us! The host family is the real trunk of the oldest Georgian folklore and instruments of the region of Adjara. Mr. Amiran Turmanidze is an unknown hero and a savior of Adjarian folklore, he saved songs of Merisi village as well as songs of the Adjara region. His dedication counts not only songs but local musical instruments, dances..

With the hostess, we can participate in the master classes of Adjarian dishes, which is unique only for mentioned region. Get ready to be a sous-chief of our gastronomic story. 

Each and every region of Georgia is independent unity with its own food with its ingredients, music, dance, traditions, dialects, characters… We are happy to share regional culture which gives a special sparkle to our tours. Water lovers out there! Beautiful and peacefull waterfalls and river are running nearby the village. Clean running water is keeping the secret of the places that have been, we just have to have a sit and listen to them…

Village Merisi is famous for its beekeeping and honey-producing technologies, host village is sharing 5,500 years-old honey culture, YES Georgia is the cradle of honey!

Nearby, there is the mountain Nakonaghvari, which is located in the Alpine Zone at 1800 meters above sea level, 7 kilometers away from the village Garetke, where the villagers take the cattle to pasture for whole three months. Hiking level -easy, but in case: Soviet off-road military car UAZ-469 is ready to pick you up or drop you off or both…In the summertime, we are happy to take you there for breathtaking views!