Unique traditions of everyday life

Lakhushdi – Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region

The village where the oldest and unique traditions of everyday life of the locals are still preserved. Here you can listen to the oldest Svan songs, join in the round dance with locals, participate in folk holidays, where the village inhabitants offer countless activities. This is the venue, where you can play the oldest Svan plays and listen to Svan legends. The village elders will teach you Svan songs if you like. Cooking masterclasses will be offered – where you would taste the distinguished Svan dishes but you cook yourself as well.

Mariamoba is marked on the 28th of August. This is the time, high mountain regions of Georgia launch reaping. Traditionally, the holiday of Mariamoba is considered as a symbol of thanksgiving and harvesting: fruit and vegetables are collected, thanksgiving heave-offering is prepared. People are gathered at the village church, taste the first harvest of the yielded fruit and perform holiday songs and dances.

On the fifth of October, every year, the religious holiday dedicated to Jonah in the Latali community. Latali inhabitants gather at the church, decorated with the unique frescos of St Jonah of XIII-XIV centuries and execute respective rituals. It worth mentioning, that there are only two places in the world, where St. Jonah churches are located and one of them is set in Latali , Georgia. You are given an opportunity to participate in this oldest holiday, meet with local singers and dancers, join to the village inhabitants in fall harvesting.

Lakhushdi is one of the villages of the Latali community – the unique and distinguished place of the world with the type of living. Here, everyday life and the oldest traditions are very much merged with modernity.